consistent and coherent control of professional entertainment equipment from different brands as if they were just one

Unlimited control: Mac, PC and Linux

Global Control

Different brands managed as if they were just one!

Control Anywhere

Locally connected devices shared via Ethernet!

Easy to Use

No complicated protocols, no custom programming, just plug-and-play!

Free to Use

No costs for the users, download, install and enjoy!


A new, free, global control software platform for the management of professional entertainment equipment, globcon was conceived and designed from the end-user’s point of view to allow consistent and coherent control of multiple pieces of equipment from different brands as if they were just one.

The goal of globcon is to offer to professional users an ever-increasingly powerful tool to manage environments of any size in a modern, ergonomic, flexible, efficient and cost-effective way. There is no requirement to understand or program using complicated and diverse protocols, and no custom solution is needed – just plug-and-play!

Available for Mac, PC and Linux, globcon enables several end-users to share the control of locally-connected devices using a standard Ethernet infrastructure.

German pro audio manufacturer, DirectOut GmbH, is the first adopter of globcon. A public beta version of the software is now available, providing integrated control and management of several DirectOut devices via a local USB port or a network.

By the end of 2018, the complete DirectOut product portfolio will be supported by globcon, and from the beginning of 2019, devices from a variety of other manufacturers will be added progressively.